• Search and selection

  • Evaluation of professionals




If the professional exists, we find it
  • Finding the best talent for your organization consumes a lot of time and effort. By hiring our service we offer you the best 3.0 recruitment strategy and a careful evaluation of the person. We only present candidates that fit both for their experience and for their skills and values.
  • We provide 30 years of experience in the market and more than 5,000 finished processes, working with multinational, national and SME organizations.
  • We perform search and selection of professionals both nationally and internationally.
  • We offer a replacement guarantee. We seek a long-term relationship with our clients and we do it working as if we were part of your organization.

Reunión de trabajo
  • People are our priority. We maintain a relationship of maximum transparency with our candidates, facilitating communication and information. We also believe that success at work is achieved through a close and effective collaboration between professionals. We encourage teamwork between the client and us.


Evaluate allows to identify and develop the skills of teams and people. If you know your team you can strategically decide
Evaluación de profesionales

We assess to:

  • Analyze job fit.
  • Analyze suitability for a future job.
  • Identify the potential.
  • Deepen into strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Work on career development.
  • Propose objectives in a coaching process.

In-depth interviews, to analyze competencies.
TTSuccess Insights. We are a partner company and experts in this assessing methodology (DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence)
PAPI Test. We are experts and certified in this tool, ensuring the latest updates.
COMPETEA. We are certified in this competency test which gives us an in-depth knowledge of this tool.
We select the necessary tests for each assessment, considering the position and the aspects to be evaluated.
Graphology. We conduct graphological studies to describe relevant aspects of the personality of the evaluated person.
Assessment Center: From exercises created for each project, we evaluate the competencies of people through the observation of their behavior in situations like those that will be in the workplace.


We design projects to achieve extraordinary results through people
Soluciones HR

Talent Organization:

  • We define the key talent for each position and function of the company.
  • We study high-performance profiles in certain functions so that we can select with effective criteria within that function.
  • We study departments or work teams, analyzing the potential of their members to apply it where the best result can be obtained.
  • We make talent maps that allow you to make development decisions for the people in your organization.

Talent Engagement and Retention:

  • Employee engagement refers to the degree of the emotional intensity they have towards their work and the organization. We evaluate and identify the individual aspects that monitor employees’ personal commitment with their job and with the company.

Onboarding Processes:

  • Within the onboarding programs that many companies have for new employees, we value interpersonal relationships in adapting the employees to their new job. We work in terms of self-knowledge, for understanding the team to which they will belong, and for them to understand their direct boss’ style. In the same way, we help direct managers to understand the styles, profiles and values that new employees bring to their team.

Change management:

  • Organizations are constantly changing. Very often, changes generate resistance and to minimize it, you should consider people’s human side. We assess to obtain a potential change inventory, to acknowledge what personal resources we have and what people we should rely on.

Conflict Resolution:

  • Conflict is the result of differences in the perspectives of seeing reality, differences of opinions or approach to solutions. We analyze where the roots of conflicts can lie through the personal profiles of those involved. This knowledge is a very useful tool to develop resolution strategies and avoid future conflicts.


  • In the coaching processes we accompany the people in
    – Soft skills development
    – Job transition and job search
    – Vocational guidance for young people


Actions that drive changes of value in people
Orientando tu futuro profesional
  • Leadership Skills: Leading Diversity, Leader’s Behavioral Intelligence, Time Management.
  • Business Skills:   Improving business performance, Selling with style, Emotional Intelligence for commercials.
  • Skills for customer service professionals:  Attentiveness with style.
  • Teamwork: Team Building and Team Coaching.
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