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  • Evaluation of professionals

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If the professional exists, we find it
  • Finding the best talent for your organization consumes a lot of time and effort. By hiring our service we offer you the best 3.0 recruitment strategy and a careful evaluation of the person. We only present candidates that fit both for their experience and for their skills and values.
  • We provide 30 years of experience in the market and more than 5,000 finished processes, working with multinational, national and SME organizations.
  • We perform search and selection of professionals both nationally and internationally.
  • We offer a replacement guarantee. We seek a long-term relationship with our clients and we do it working as if we were part of your organization.

Reunión de trabajo
  • People are our priority. We maintain a relationship of maximum transparency with our candidates, facilitating communication and information. We also believe that success at work is achieved through a close and effective collaboration between professionals. We encourage teamwork between the client and us.


Evaluate allows to identify and develop the skills of teams and people. If you know your team you can strategically decide
Evaluación de profesionales
  • Assesment center. We identify people’s competences through observation and evaluation of their behavior in situations similar to those found in the workplace, from exercises created for each project.
  • Talent map. We identify and retain the talent of your organization.
  • We evaluate competencies through in-depth interviews.
  • Graphology. We perform graphological studies to describe relevant aspects of the personality of the participants.

  • Person – position adaptation. We define the profile of behaviors and the behavior style necessary for the position and we value the adequacy of the person to it, through the PAPI Test and a personal interview. We are licensees and experts in this tool.


What do you need? We create solutions that respond to your needs
Soluciones HR
  • We are your HR Business Partner: For companies that do not have a human resources department, we offer a permanent support service that helps them solve any issue related to the people that make up their organization.
  • Massive recruitment / selection projects: We provide experience designing and executing recruitment and selection processes with the participation of a large number of people. Models with reliable and objective procedures, prepared to feed back to the participants.
  • Salary Benchmarking: Tailored salary studies, comparing salaries of specific positions with those of competing companies. Knowing the value of key positions in the organization in the market allows actions to retain talent.
  • Start-up projects: We act in collaboration with those responsible for launching the business project, being responsible for selection. We collaborate in the definition of the organizational structure and in the definition of the necessary and most appropriate profiles.
  • Development of HR strategies and models: We work with the heads of the organization on HR strategy and model development projects, focused on improving the contribution of human resources to the company’s project.

  • In-plant projects: One of our consultants collaborates with our client, working during the necessary time, as if he/she were part of your organization, even physically located in your organization.


Accompaniment for professionals and for young people, in times of change
Orientando tu futuro profesional
  • If you are a professional, we offer a technical and human support service in the processes of change and job search. Our program Activate for change, aims to provide professionals in transition with the tools and skills necessary to be competent in the search for employment.
  • If you are a young person who has to choose your studies or start your career, we carry out sessions that help you in your self-knowledge and guide you towards decision-making and action.
Do you need support in your human resources?